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Friday, 22 January 2016
If you were to go into my brain and take a screen shot over the past month, this is basically what you'd see. All these homeware ideas floating around and little else. I'm SO close to finishing the bedroom and literally have one or two things to buy this month before it's ready for me to show you it. Although I've made things slightly more difficult for myself by deciding I want a woven wall hanging on one of the bare walls. I tried to use the easy option and looked for a one on etsy, but all the ones I liked didn't ship to the UK, so I'm going to try and follow this tutorial to make something similar. Hopefully the finished bedroom post will be up soon!

Anyway, so these items are just odd things that I've been throwing in my online shopping basket over the last month. This includes some of the final items for the bedroom, and some for the living/dining room which I'm starting next month. The bedroom took months longer than I thought it would, so I'm expecting the living room to take a while too but I have to say, I absolutely love it - it's a pinterest addicts dream!

Scandinavian style homeware

So the final items for the bedroom are this little marble click clock which I've fallen in love with. It'll look perfect on our little bedside table. I also spotted this patterned rug and these patterned cushions for the bedroom - I can't believe how inexpensive H&M is for homeware. Their stock is exactly the kind of stuff I like too.

For the living room, I'm planning on putting a long shelf up behind my sofa. I've already made a shelf of frames in my bedroom, so for this one I want to make it a mix of nice ornaments, candles and a few small pictures. I love this Ivory Daisy Wall Art and this Glass Display Box would add some nice detail with a big candle in it or something. The copper framed mirror is a style I'm thinking about for above my white sideboard unit. The thing is, I know copper is a trend just now so in the long term, it might be wiser just to have a few little accents (like these copper wire baskets) that I can switch up when I get bored. What do you think .. am I being too sensible?

Last but not least, my favourite item. You know when something just catches your eye and you love it instantly, even thought you don't know where you'd put it? Well that's how I feel about this flamingo print from I think I'll get this and put it a white or wooden frame as the black will be a bit too bold, but I'm going to make it work somewhere in the house!

Where have you been homeware shopping lately?

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THOUGHTS | The Instagram Debate

Saturday, 16 January 2016
We've all seen the articles, the tweets, the 'quotes' on Facebook telling us that those people on Instagram with all the pretty pictures and the smiling pictures aren't really happy. Yes, they might have a healthy (and photogenic) breakfast every morning, they might take a workout selfie on the coldest of mornings when you're still in bed, but it's all fake. They're lying, and they're causing you to have unachievable aspirations. Some of these 'instagram vs. reality' posts are in good humour, but others are actually pretty harsh and target popular instagrammers (mainly girls). The general theme is that it's dishonest to portray your life as perfect, when that's just not possible. If that's the logic though, where does it end? Is it fake to wear make-up? You don't look like that naturally, so are you giving people 'unachievable' goals? Is it really dishonest, to take a picture at a good angle to hide your double chin? Don't we all do that?

If we all took pictures of 'real life', Instagram would be a pretty boring place and it probably wouldn't be very popular at all. I'd rather scroll through a feed of good quality, nice-looking pictures than a photo of someones messy bedroom or microwave meal. Just like a lot of other social media, instagram is the highlights. 

instagram vs reality

If you feel inferior because your breakfast doesn't look as good as the one you saw on instagram this morning, I don't think the problem lies with the person who posted the picture. It's up to those who use the site to remember that it's a photography app, that you use by choice, and where you chose who you follow. You can't expect someone to accompany their morning selfie with a disclaimer to say that they haven't showered yet and still have morning breath, just to remind you that real life still exists.

In a world where social media is every day life, we need to remember that you'll never be able to control what you see. What you can do, is control what you take from it.

What's your thoughts on 'Instagram lives'? 

THOUGHTS | Making Changes...

Wednesday, 13 January 2016
January is the month of making changes but this year, I haven't made any new years resolutions. I've accepted that I make the same ones every year and it just doesn't work for me. I can't change overnight, but I can work towards something. I've made a list of things that I want to achieve this year, and set some goals to work towards. I think goals are more realistic - they accept that you won't change into a clean-eating super-organised gym bunny overnight, that sometimes you'll feel motivated and others you won't. So as I thinking about things I want to do this year, there was one thing that stood out.  

It's quite obvious that I haven't been blogging as much over the last year and there's so many reasons why. Things changed so much in 2015. It all started when we bought our first house - it needed a lot of work, and we devoted most of our time, money and brain capacity to renovating it. We're still working on it a year later and my priorities have totally changed. I don't spend all my money on clothes and make-up any more, because I'd rather spend it on things for my house. I never thought I'd say it, but I enjoy shopping in ikea more than primark these days, and I browse pinterest more than asos. I think that's why I've been struggling to think of new blog content - my head is telling me I need to write about clothes and beauty products, when those things aren't playing a huge part in my life at the moment.

The way I've been thinking about it is, 'if I were to start a brand new blog today, what it would it be about?' and the answer is that I'd make it 80% lifestyle and interiors, and 20% fashion (with the odd beauty post when there's a new product that I just have to tell you about). I want to write about whatever is on my mind - whether it's interiors, a list, an idea, a rant, anything. So that's what I need to do. I need to stop clinging on to how my blog used to be, and to let it change as I change, because I'll only ever be able to write interesting posts if it's something I find interesting in the first place. 

My main goal for this year is to love to my blog again, to chill out and write about whatever interests me that day, without putting pressure on myself to stick to a certain theme. With that said, I have a few ideas already and hope you're looking forward to reading some new posts!

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