Pregnancy Update: The Half Way Mark

Sunday, 19 June 2016
I've always said I wanted to document my pregnancy so I can look back on it in years to come. It's such an exciting time and I want to remember how it felt at each stage. I've managed to update my pregnancy journal every week and take weekly bump photos but have completely missed out the blog updates somehow. My first trimester update has now turned into my 20 week update, written by me when I'm 21 weeks and 4 days - let's just say it's baby brain...

21 weeks pregnant bump symptoms

From the beginning: The First Trimester (0-13 weeks) 

I got my positive test on 20th of February, when I would have been 4 weeks pregnant (FYI your pregnancy 'weeks' are counted from the date of your last period, even though you weren't pregnant for the first 2/3 weeks of those!). Even though I tested several times that weekend (and the next), it still felt like it wasn't really happening. A lot of that is probably down to my lack of symptoms at the start. I was on on line forums where other girls were complaining about sickness, food aversions etc. and there I was, feeling totally normal. It wasn't until I was 7/8 weeks that I started to feel anything at all actually. My main symptoms were: 

Extreme hunger: You know that feeling when you're hungry, then you wait too long to actually eat and then you end up feeling sick with hunger? Well, I'd go from feeling fine to that extreme hunger in an instant. If I didn't eat straight away, I would feel really ill and eventually be sick. This happened during the night too, so I had to keep biscuits by my side so I could eat at 3am if needed! 

Fatigue: At the time I was working 11 hour days which soon became impossible when I realised I was a completely zombie by 6pm every night. I'd get home at 8pm and sleep all the way through until the next morning. And then wake up feeling tired.

Sore boobs: From 7 weeks onwards, I could only wear a sports bra and the thought of even getting into the shower filled me with dread. They were swollen and felt bruised and so sensitive. Luckily, this faded by about week 12 which is when the placenta starts to take over everything. Although I'm still two cup sizes bigger than I was at the start which I'm not too pleased about! 

Food/Smell Aversion: When I was about 9 weeks, the smell of chilli in the fridge downstairs (I was upstairs) made me so ill that I had to cancel a night out for my mums birthday. Actually, almost any food with a strong smell would make me ill. My senses were so heightened that even the smell of someones clothes/breath/car could make me feel sick. I am so glad that symptom's gone! 

20 week pregnancy symptoms bump
(this is my pregnancy journal - it's a great little book to keep a note of weekly symptoms, birth plans and memories!) 

Then until now: 16-21 weeks

Me and Andy went on a family holiday to Portugal when I was 16 weeks and luckily by that point, most of the above symptoms had faded. This is when I've really started to enjoy being pregnant! Even though I have some bad days, I think overall I've been quite lucky so far in my pregnancy and my symptoms now are much more manageable. 

Headaches: I've had some of the worst headaches ever since being pregnant. It's common and due to hormones apparently (isn't everything?) and all I can do is drink lots of water and when it gets really bad, I'll take a couple of paracetomol although I only do this if it gets unbearable. At a time when you're alcohol free, it's pretty frustrating to feel like you have the worst hangover ever!

Indigestion/heartburn: This is something I've never really suffered from so I'm not even sure which one it is. Basically, it feels like everything I eat is stuck in my throat all the way down to my stomach. I've found that milk or ice cream helps, and there's been days where I've skipped dinner in favour of Vienetta or a Cornetto! (if you can't do that when you're pregnant then when can you?)

Now onto the exciting stuff

The last few weeks have just been so exciting for me and Andy. We're starting to plan the baby room, watching my belly grow every day and spend time every night watching the baby kick and move around in my stomach. 

The Bump: I started to notice a difference in the shape of my stomach around 9/10 weeks. I looked normal from the belly button up, but my lower abdomen had started to point outwards! I was really aware of my growing belly, but it wasn't properly noticeable to other people until about 15 weeks. I've taken pictures every week, and the biggest difference was from 15 to 16 weeks. At 21 weeks, my bump now feels huge although I'm sure I'll look back on it in a few weeks time and think it was tiny!

Movement: I felt my first kicks at exactly 16 weeks. I was lying on a sun lounger by the pool in Portugal and felt a few little 'pops' really low down in my belly. I didn't know if that's what it was, but when it happened later that night, and then again the next day, I realised it was my little baby kicking around! I was around 18 weeks when Andy first felt a kick from the outside of my tummy. As I'm writing this at 21 weeks, my belly is doing somersaults right now! It's the best feeling ever and I still can't get my head around the fact that it's a little person in there making that happen. 

The Scans: We've actually seen our baby 3 times so far. My first was at 7 weeks, when the baby was little more than a little blob on the screen with a flickering heartbeat. At that stage, other than the pregnancy test, it was the first confirmation that I was pregnant and it was so exciting! I couldn't believe the difference in the baby by the 12 week scan, he had arms and legs and was wriggling around on the screen. The main excitement of the day was knowing we'd made it to this stage and everything looked good, and knowing we could now tell people our news! 

Our 20 week scan was on Friday 10th June, and it was the most exciting day ever. Most importantly, the nurse said he was measuring well and very active and also told us we were having a little boy! I've been on a high ever since and absolutely I love that I can now call him 'he' and imagine what our lives will be like when he's here. My best friend even got us a little outfit for him, which almost had me in tears - could this be any cuter!?

pregnancy blog symptoms bump

Feeling him move around in my belly, and talking about him as a real person has been such a turning point in this pregnancy - it feels like it's actually happening now and I just feel so constantly excited about everything! 

I hope you've liked this post - sorry it's so incredibly long but that's what happens when you roll 20 weeks into one post! Hope you're all doing well! :) 
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  1. Hi Eilidh! I've just recently found your blog through instagram and have really enjoyed reading your pregnancy updates - I'm almost 21 weeks currently and everything you describe above is basically how I felt through those first weeks - it's actually reassuring to find someone who felt the same as me as most of my friends / family had horrible morning sickness, etc. and I was just ridiculously hungry & sleepy haha! I hope you and baby Oliver are doing well :)



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