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Sunday, 31 July 2016
It's been the longest time since I've put together a fashion wishlist. The main reason is that I'm shopping all things baby related at the moment (think I might do a baby haul soon!). The other reason is that shopping for myself just isn't as enjoyable as it used to be when nothing. bloody. fits. I know I've said it before, but maternity clothes suck and unfortunately when it comes to jeans and tops, I have no other option than to buy them. Recently though, I've started trying to shop in the normal sections where possible so I can add some style to my plain outfits. This means sticking to coats, jackets, bags, shoes and accessories.

So here's all the bump-friendly things on my wishlist just now. The neutral grey/rosy theme was actually unplanned, but I'm clearly leaning towards those colours at the moment!  

Fashion Blogger Wishlist
sleeveless coat | heeled shoes | handbag | watch | coat | duster jacket | sunglasses 1:2 | flat shoes

A few of these are what I'd class as investment purchases - they're a bit more on the expensive side, but the colour and style mean they'd last for years. This white sleeveless coat and pink duster jacket (from the work wear collection in Coast) are beautiful pieces and could dress up the most basic of outfits. I love the rosy tone of this pink topshop coat too - it's a colour than I'd still class as neutral because it goes with (mostly) everything. How cute are these rosy pink shoes from Zara too?

I spotted these cut out heeled shoes while shopping last week and really regretted not picking them up - these would be perfect with a pair of jeans, a basic top and a nice jacket. Uh oh - I can feel an on line purchase coming on! This Olivia Burton watch has been in my sights for a long time - I just love all of the watches from this brand and if I could, I'd have one in every colour... *daydreams*

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to baby-shopping. I'm going to do a few baby-related posts next I think - a pregnancy update and possibly a baby haul, so look out for that if you're interested. In the mean time, you can catch me over on my instagram! :) 

4 comments on "Fashion | The Sunday Wishlist"
  1. Love this wishlist, the watch and handbag are gorgeous!

    I've recently had a (much needed) blog makeover and would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. Those heeled shoes look stunning!!

  3. I'm loving the sleeveless coat and the watch! Them too, are something I've been wanting to have for ages now!


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