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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

DIY centerpiece candles stones in vase

I'm still working on my living/dining room at the moment (it's so close to being finished!) and I wanted to share this super simple candle centrepiece that I've put together for my dining table. It's so easy and inexpensive to create and it makes a change from having the standard flowers in a vase on the table. It's actually so easy that it almost doesn't count as a 'DIY' but I thought I'd share the idea anyway in case any of you want to put together something similar. 

Now I have to admit I first saw the candle in vase idea in IKEA, so it's not totally from my own imagination, but I've put my own spin on it and without blowing my own trumpet, I actually prefer my own to the original inspo! I picked up the glass lantern vase from IKEA for just £7 and you can find similar ones on line - I love this vase with the wooden base from amazon. 

simple centerpiece stones and candles

I wanted to keep the style really simple so I went for some white decorative stones to fill the base of the vase. These were surprisingly difficult to find on line but in the end I found the perfect ones in Home Bargains for 49p each - how good is that? I highly recommend checking out the home discount stores before buying anything on line as for some reason, it's much more expensive on there. 

Once I'd set everything up, I felt like something was missing. When I (finally) post my living room update. you'll see how much I love to have plants around the house - I think greenery brings any room to life. Luckily my obsession came in handy and I made us of my ridiculous supply of artificial plants and cut some small sections to add into the vase. These are the small potted plants from IKEA that cost no more than £3 but. in my opinion, they're the best looking artificial plants out there.

candle and stones in storm lantern centerpiece

The end result is this simple but eye-catching centre piece that gives a clean, natural vibe to any dining area. Altogether, this should cost around £15 to make and you can put your own spin on it by adding different coloured stones, a more decorative candle like this one or by adding artificial flowers instead.  

Hope you liked this super easy DIY - have you ever made anything like this? 

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