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Sunday, 28 August 2016
I'm definitely a creature of habit and if I'm going out for dinner or lunch, I always tend to go to the same places. It's something I keep saying that I need to snap out of - I want to try new places and I know there's so many amazing restaurants in Glasgow that I'm missing out on. So I was super excited when CitizenMag asked me and Andy to try out Paesano Pizza in Mitchell Street, Glasgow.

Paesano is hidden down a little lane off Ingram street. The location makes it perfect for lunch after shopping in Buchannan Street or for dinner before heading out for a night in town. The restaurant has a cool, rustic vibe from the outside and it's actually surprisingly big inside. When we walked in and saw how busy it was on a Tuesday night, we knew it was going to be a winner. 

Paesano Pizza Glasgow

Paesano makes authentic, traditional 'Napoletana' pizza in wood-fired ovens and is very different to your every day pizza place. The menu is simple, with just 8 pizzas to chose from and a few sides if you want to add some extras. Normally, I'd go for lots of toppings on my pizza but this time, I went for for tomato sugo with mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil while Andy ordered spicy salami. 

Citizen Mag Review Lifestyle Blogger Glasgow

Anyone who thinks pizza is a boring option - you need to try this place. The dough was super soft and so tasty. The toppings weren't greasy or stodgy like you'd expect in some of the big restaurant chains and you could really tell that it was proper, italian food. It was the best pizza I've had in a long, long time. The restuarant has a lovely chilled atmosphere, the service was excellent and it was just so good to find somewhere to add to my list of favourites. 

Best pizza restaurants in glasgow

I'd definitely recommend trying this place out if you're in Glasgow. It's super reasonable for prices as well - for two drinks and two pizzas, we paid just £17. You can check out their menu at and read this CitizenMag review here for more info too.

Have you tried Paesano before? What restuarants would you recommend in Glasgow? 

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