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Wednesday, 7 September 2016
When I wrote my last pregnancy update, 33 weeks seemed so far away. I can't believe that I'm already here, and that we're into a single figure countdown until my due date! A lot has changed since my last post and I have a whole new list of exciting changes and horrible symptoms to share today. So let's start with the most obvious sign - the bump.

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This photo was taken at 33 weeks exactly. My belly button hasn't totally popped out yet, but it's got a little ski-slope thing going on which you can see. I've no stretch marks so far, but those could still appear in the last few weeks. My belly piercing from years ago looks super weird, it's now a few inches above my belly button so I dread to think what that'll look like post-pregnancy!

I'm still experiencing a lot of the same symptoms as I was in my last update - extreme fatigue (a 9:30 bedtime is a regular occurrence) and heartburn and indigestion. I'd never really suffered from heartburn before pregnancy, but I get it every night now as soon as I lie down to go to sleep. You'll find me most nights sitting with a huge glass of milk before bed and a bottle of Gaviscon!

The biggest symptom in the third trimester has been SPD pelvic pain. It's basically pain due to the combination of hormones softening the pelvic bones and the weight of the baby. I started getting pelvic pain at 26 weeks which coincided with the baby turning head down. I started to notice a lot of pressure on my bones down there, almost as if they were bruised and like I'd pulled the muscles in my inner thighs too. It got bad quite quickly and after a few days, I could barely walk because as soon as I put any weight on my feet I would get this horrible pain. This affects everything - walking, sleeping, getting dressed, getting into the bath/shower. I'll never take these things for granted again!

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Navy/white stripe pyjamas: Next
Now onto the positive stuff! 

We've decided on a name! We went through so many different names throughout the first few months but in the end we went back to the one that we loved before I even got pregnant. Our little boy will be called Oliver. We both love it and I feel like since it's the name we liked throughout, it's definitely the right one! We haven't totally decided on a middle name yet, but I do plan on having one.

Oliver's movements in my belly are now super strong. When I lie in bed at night, I can watch my belly in the mirror and see it moving around. He's head down with his little bum at the top of my belly and his hands at the side, and I can always feel his little hands moving around at night time - unbelievably cute! Sometimes I feel his feet right up in my ribs too. He also gets hiccups a lot, which feels like little twinges really low down. I could actually cry at how cute it is to think of him having hiccups! Then again, I cry at everything these days!

The baby room project is under way too - we've set up the furniture and everything and picked a few things. I plan on spending some time on it when I'm on maternity leave, since he won't be going into his own room for a good few months any way. I have so many ideas for it and I can't wait!

We've picked a little coming home outfit for him from Zara - hopefully it'll fit him! How sweet is this?

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I could probably write twice as much as this but I've tried to keep this post to a reasonable size. I haven't been blogging as regularly these days (blame the 9.30 bed time for that!) but I definitely plan on doing at least one more post before my due date with a final bump pic! If any of you are pregnant, let me know how you're feeling and if you've had any of the same symptoms too. Speak soon!

5 comments on "Pregnancy Update | 33 weeks "
  1. Nodding along with all of your symptoms. I'm 29 weeks with baby no.2 and suffering with heartburn every evening, like you it's only something I get during pregnancy.

    Love the name, Oliver. It feels good to decide on a name, doesn't it? We're nowhere near close but we don't know the gender so need to pick a boys name and a girls name! It's tough.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Oliver is the loveliest name! I had my little boy in May 2015 and it felt so surreal, reading this really brought back memories of pregnancy for me :D I so wish I had captured more pictures of my belly while pregnant, I have a snapshot taken in the dark that I stare at all the time, trying to make out how big I was haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  3. Oliver!!! Thats such a lovely name :)
    I am so sorry you go through pelvic pain, Stay strong and take care of yourself, you are almost there!


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