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Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Considering I've spent most of my pregnancy stressing out at having nothing to wear (and actually meaning it this time), I would have thought I'd be the last person writing a post like this. How can I give maternity styling tips when I failed so miserably at dressing my bump? Well, the way I see it, you can learn from my mistakes. I'd say it's taken me until now, the last two months of pregnancy, to finally get the hang of this whole maternity clothes thing and if I have another baby in future, I think I'll do a lot better in terms of what to buy (and what not to buy) and how to do it in the most affordable way. 

So if you've just found out you're pregnant or you're far along and having the same morning meltdown situations that I was, hopefully this post will help...

how to dress baby bump maternity styling ootd
maternity t-shirt | jeans (top) | jeans (bottom) | bra extenders | striped shirt | suede jacket | boots | scarf

1. Buy the maternity basics
It's not until you have to shop there, that you realise how bad most maternity sections are. Most shops have one messy little rail, which has a definite aura of 'the stuff that no one wanted from the sale'. The sizes are minimal, and most of it's last season .. or the season before that. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to completely avoid maternity clothes. The bump won't fit into normal jeans or trousers forever. My tip is to just buy the basics from maternity - two/three pairs of jeans that you can dress up or down, white/grey basic tees and if you can, some plain dresses that you can style for different occasions. The best places for maternity jeans is H&M, ASOS and New Look although I'd strongly recommend ordering on line and avoiding the shop (and the disappointment) altogether.

2. Shop in the regular shops for everything else 
Once you have the basics sorted, you can still get away with shopping in the regular stores. Look out for cardigans or gilets that you can layer with, shirts that you can wear open over a t-shirt or a dress (these are perfect for when your bump takes a big growth spurt at the end) and jumpers that you can size up in and wear with skinny jeans. Look out for nice jackets, coats, shoes and accessories to pull your outfits together especially if you can find bold prints or colours to add something special to an outfit. You'll still be able to keep up with fashion trends and it means you can continue to wear them after you've had the baby too. 

Everyone knows that boobs get bigger in pregnancy but what I didn't realise, is that my back size would continue to grow with my bump. So although you'll go up a cup size or two in the first few months, your bra will feel tighter and tighter around the back as time goes on. I bought new bras at 15 weeks and then started using the bra extenders at about 20 weeks. You can buy them in either two or three hooks, so they'll fit most bras and will save you a fortune over your pregnancy.

Do you have any tips for maternity styling?

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