Pregnancy Update | 38 Weeks

Friday, 14 October 2016
So this could be my last pregnancy update before Oliver makes an appearance. If I'm honest though, I think I might have another couple of weeks ahead of me. My due date is the 26th of October and I've had a feeling all along that he'll show up between then and the 31st. If he's a Halloween baby then I'll be extra excited - think of the halloween themed birthday parties of the future!

My last update was at 33 weeks and all of the symptoms I mentioned in that post are still here. I'm still suffering with heartburn and acid reflux every night - I don't know how my throat hasn't completely melted actually. The good news though, is that my pelvic pain has subsided a lot. Given how I felt at 28/29 weeks, I expected to be on crutches by now. Don't get me wrong, it's still agony at times especially during the night but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. The main problem when I'm walking now is the shooting pains when Oliver rolls his little head over my bladder. For a split second, it honestly feels like my bladder is about to pop!

Full term baby bump maternity photo pregnancy update

After smothering myself in bio oil and stretch mark cream for the last 9 months, I noticed some little faint lines next to my belly button at 34 weeks. Yep, stretch marks happened. It's a tiny area at the moment and barely noticeable but if I push my skin together, I can see there will be a few marks once I've deflated! I'm not as distraught as I thought I would be to be honest - I'm well aware it could be so much worse and I think I've gotten off quite lightly. 

I was told last week that I had anemia and prescribed iron tablets. No big deal - or so I thought. It turns out iron tablets are the worst thing ever invented and make me feel horrendous. I'm going back to the doctors to try and get an alternative, and have been making smoothies with kale and eating lots of red meat to try and up my intake that way too. 

In the last few weeks, we crossed our final items off the list: 

I've been shopping and picked up some little outfits for when he's here and also got some lovely outfits from my team in work. It's so difficult to shop before he's here - I've no idea what size he's going to be! My midwife thinks, judging by the size of my bump, he'll be around 7.5-8.5 pounds, but that's just a guess and could be way out. I've bought mostly first size and 0-3 months for now. 

Halloween new born baby haul update pregnancy update

So from 37 weeks onwards, the baby is considered 'term' and ready to be born whenever he decides. From now on, he's just getting fatter every week - just like his mum. He could come any time now - but I've not had any real signs of anything starting. I just need to keep bouncing on my birthing ball, eating pineapple and going for extra long walks and hopefully he'll start packing his bags pretty soon! I can't wait to finally meet him!

Are any of you expecting soon? 

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7 comments on "Pregnancy Update | 38 Weeks"
  1. Great update! You are almost there and looking fantastic!
    Seems like yesterday I was 38 weeks and my baby just turned 10. Enjoy every minute of it!

    xx, Elise

  2. You do look great! :) You must be so excited to meet him now that it is getting so close xx

  3. I'm due 3rd November so not far behind you. It's an exciting time & like you, I cannot wait to meet my little bundle!

    Best of luck. Will keep an eye out for your new arrival! xx

  4. Not long now my love! The chicco and sleepyhead are great guys! ����

  5. You look so cute! I'm also pregnant with my son, but I'm only 21 weeks pregnant. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is know 18 months old), at 38 weeks I was in full "nesting" mode. I was buying everything that I needed, I had washed my baby's clothes, and I was soooooo ready to meet her. Uncomfortable was an understatement. I totally feel ya. Great post!


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