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Monday, 28 November 2016
I obsessively searched for check lists in the final weeks before my due date. Did I have everything in my hospital bag? Did I have enough nappies, bottles, wipes? What else did I need? As it turns out, I had everything I needed for the baby. Too much, if anything (especially when it came to my hospital bag). However, there's a few things that I wish I'd organised for myself before having the baby that would have made new-mum life a bit easier.

1. Lounge wear - The chances are you'll spend the first few days, at least, indoors. No one wants to hang out wearing jeans and 'proper clothes' and you'll probably be stuck in the limbo between maternity and normal clothes anyway. At the same time, I'd feel like a total slob wearing pjs all day. Get some comfy lounge wear for your first few weeks - think leggings or joggers, hoodies, baggy t-shirts. Something that makes you feel like you 'got dressed', even if it's suspiciously close to pyjamas.

2. Easy Outfits - When you're finally ready to leave the house, chances are you won't want to (or have time to) start trying to put an acceptable outfit together. You'll want something comfortable, but a step up from the loungewear in point 1. I've lived in baggy jumpers and jumper dresses in the last few weeks and it takes me seconds to pull something together. I'd also highly recommend some kind of hat. I can't tell you how much use I've had from mine in the last few weeks. It means I can skip doing my hair, and it somewhat covers my sleep deprived face when I'm taking Oliver out for a walk!

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3. Snacks - Again, time for yourself is limited especially if your watching the baby alone. Try and have some snacks in the house that don't need any preparation. Even toast and tea can be a huge effort when you've only got one hand free. If you're breastfeeding or have a baby sleeping on you, you might find yourself sitting in one spot on the couch for a few hours so have some easy snacks to hand to keep you going.

4. TV and Entertainment - As above, you might find yourself sitting in the same spot for a while or awake at times in the night when the only thing on television is old episodes of The Bill or a repeat of Homes under the Hammer (which you probably watched already that morning). Use the time to start watching a new series on Netflix or find some new YouTubers to watch. I've become obsessed in parenting videos and have probably watched every video that comes under 'newborn tips'..

5. Easy, quick and portable make-up - This follows the same theme as above. You'll appreciate being able to cut your 'getting ready' time when it's already taken an hour to get everything together for the baby. At the moment, I wear the same basic make-up every day and I've got everything I need in a make-up bag which means I can lift it and do my make-up anywhere in the house, whether that's on the bed when Olivers napping on me, or while I'm sitting on the floor rocking his bouncy chair with my foot.

What were your essentials in the newborn days?

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