Baby's First Christmas Eve Box

Friday, 2 December 2016
Two things you should know about me - I love Christmas and I love family traditions. This year is extra exciting because it's Oliver's first Christmas - we're a whole new family and we have a blank canvas to start our own family traditions. Of course, Oliver will be just eight weeks old and will be unaware of it all this year but I do want to start a Christmas eve box and keep the same one going as he gets older. This year, admittedly, it's for my own enjoyment but in years to come, I can't wait to see his little face when he opens it up and finds lots of Christmas goodies to start the festivities.

So what do you put in a baby's Christmas eve box? 

1. Christmas PJs -New pyjamas on Christmas eve will be another tradition for us and Oliver will be no exception. Of course, for him, it'll be a baby grow this year. I love this reindeer sleepsuit and this red one too. I always prefer the slightly more subtle prints when it comes to christmas clothes, as opposed to dressing him like a little christmas pudding. Although I can't deny that's still adorable.

2. Baby Book - This is more sentimental than anything although they do say that you should read to your baby from as early as a few weeks. Oliver loves when we sing to him and this baby christmas book has a Christmas CD with it too. Again, another thing that's probably for my own enjoyment - it'll probably end playing in the car, with Oliver crying at my horrendous singing voice.

3. Christmas Bauble - I want Oliver to have his own bauble for the tree on his first Christmas and when he have more children, they'll get their own one too. I love this my first christmas bauble but also like the idea of getting one with his name on it too. I know you can get lovely personalised things at the Christmas market in Glasgow and we're going next week for a look. 

4. Cuddly Toy - the obvious choice for a baby box, of course. How adorable is this little crochet reindeer toy ? I think a Christmas comfort blanket would be really cute too. 

5. Hat and Mittens - I spotted these 'My First Christmas' hat and mittens in Mothercare the other day and stupidly let Andy talk me out of getting them. Now I need to go back, because I can't stop thinking about them. I'd love to get a nice photo of Oliver in this hat in front of the Christmas tree this year! Cuteness overload!

6. Slippers - I saw these reindeer slipper boots and had to include them. These are probably a bit too old for Oliver at the moment but still a nice idea for a slightly older baby.  Imagine some chubby little baby feet in these? 

Do any of you have a Christmas eve box?

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