6 Annoying Things New Mums Can't Help Doing

Tuesday, 24 January 2017
I started writing this post with 2 or 3 examples in mind and before I knew it the ideas were coming to me quicker than I could write them down. Turns out I'm more annoying than I thought. I could definitely write a 2000 word essay on this but instead, I've picked the top six worst habits that I've developed since my little bundle arrived..


1. The involuntary leg bouncing - My baby has the rather unreasonable demand of being constantly moved around. Staying still isn't good enough apparently and, 3 months in, the leg bounce is no longer something I even have to think about it. Whether there's a baby on it or not, my leg's bouncing. And when I'm standing up, I'll be gently swaying from side to side too. 

2. The forum stalking - It starts when you're pregnant and it only gets worse when the baby arrives. That Google search bar knows more about me than my own family. I ask it everything, and more often than not it sends me right over to mumsnet where like-minded paranoid mothers are asking the same ridiculous questions as me. We're all in it together.

3. The need to be involved all the time - I know I should appreciate baby-free time when I get it, but I usually last no more than 15 minutes before I'm back down the stairs to check on him. I'll rush down convinced I've heard him crying, only to find him chilling out on his dad's knee without a care in the word. Also, sometimes I just miss him and need to pop down for a wee cuddle. 

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4. Feeling overly emotional where kids are involved - It's a thought I try to banish from my brain but it always fights its way through. When I watch the news and there's a sad story involving children, I can't help thinking 'that's someones Oliver'. It makes every story feel more real and so upsetting. I wasn't heartless before don't get me wrong, but it's so much more intense now.

5. Mama Guilt - Whether it's having a shower or trying to tidy up, you can't help but feel guilty for not giving your baby your undivided attention 100% of the time. Even if he's quite happy to be sitting in his baby swing or on his play mat, I feel like I should be entertaining him instead. From what I've heard from other mums (on mumsnet, admittedly) the mama guilt never goes away.

6. Baby Spamming - We all say we won't do it, but when the baby's born and you realise he or she is the cutest.thing.ever you find yourself taking snaps of every little moment because you just can't handle all that cuteness on your own. It doesn't help that my own face is completely uninstagrammable most of the days that we're home together. #babysickonshoulder #awakesince4am

What's your annoying mama habit?

4 comments on "6 Annoying Things New Mums Can't Help Doing"
  1. OMG YES to the over emotions, I'd hear stories before and think oh that's sad but now they devastate me!!

  2. I'm deffo guilty of the forum stalking haha! I never post anything.. I just lurk around the back haha! I'm an over emotional person as it is and being pregnant has enhanced that so GOD only know what I'll be like once little man makes his appearance haha!

  3. Yes to ALL of these! I sway a lot even if Henry isn't with me!


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