Maternity Leave: Expectations vs. Reality

Sunday, 26 February 2017
I remember watching people finish up for maternity leave in work and thinking, 'oh my god, you're going to be off work for a full year'. You have a year of continuous weekends ahead. No getting up for work, no clock-watching at your desk, you're just free to do whatever you want whenever you want. And you'll have a beautiful little sleeping baby snuggled into you.

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Oh, the naivety! Firstly I just want to say, I do love maternity leave. I love being at home with my baby and I'm completely dreading going back to work but let me tell you this, maternity leave is not a holiday. It's a harder job than I did before. It's 24/7, there's no tea breaks and the boss is relentless.

Expectations: I'll spending my afternoons having lunch dates with friends.
Reality: Everyone else is at work. And if you manage to find a willing participant to accompany you, the dark cloud of maternity pay is constantly hanging over you. Funding a year of constant weekends is something I didn't take into account. 

Expectations: I'll be super productive when the baby's napping. Babies sleep all the time!
Reality: Either your baby doesn't nap (been there) or if he does, he'll only nap while pinning you down on the couch (been there too). Or if you're extremely lucky and have a top sleeper, you'll probably be using nap times to catch up on all the things you've been unable to do while baby's been awake ie. showering, getting dressed. Oh and by the way, babies are instinctively programmed to wake up the second you think about doing something productive.

Expectations: I'll be away from temptation at work so I'll eat really well and become extra healthy.
Reality: You're lucky if you get the time to eat and if you do, it's probably a cereal bar or something with little to no prep time. Oh, and when you're sleep deprived there's nothing more appealing than carbs, lucozade, coffee .. basically, all the calories. 

Expectations: I'll exercise loads when I'm off and lose the baby weight in no time. 
Reality: If you get a baby free hour, the last thing you want to do is exercise. You want to sleep, shower, sit in silence. The most exercise I get is a long walk with the pram every day which, admittedly, is better than sitting at my desk but definitely not the workout I had planned! On a positive note, all the baby lifting is definitely toning my arms!

Was your maternity leave what you expected it to be?

2 comments on "Maternity Leave: Expectations vs. Reality"
  1. It drives me mad when people say I'd love to go on maternity leave for a bit of a break!! Eh??? I don't think so!! It's definitely not all lunch dates and working from home on your blog! Totally relate to everything in this post!!

    1. Haha thanks Rachel - it's definitely not a break. I actually think that when I go back to work, THAT'LL be my break! x


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