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Thursday, 30 March 2017
It took us eight weeks to find out how to get Oliver to sleep at night and once we'd found that winning combination, it was heaven. I knew it couldn't last though, because the main thing in that combination was a velcro swaddle and we couldn't do that forever.  It's recommended that babies aren't swaddled past three months, but when we tried to phase it out we went straight back into those sleepless nights. Without a swaddle, Oliver's arms would go straight up in the air within minutes and he'd wake himself up. Then he'd get really upset. So we started swaddling again.

We were sent the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit to try out, in the hope it would help us with transitioning out of the swaddle. I have to admit, at first I thought it looked crazy but after reading the amazon reviews, I had high hopes for it. The sleep suit muffles the startle reflex that babies have, and creates that warm, secure feeling that swaddling gives while encouraging them to sleep with their arms out. Oliver always fell asleep in his pram suit so I knew he liked that warm, snug feeling.

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When it arrived I was a bit concerned at the thickness. It's a puffy suit, but the material is breathable and the hands and feet are free. It left me wondering what he should wear under it - I didn't know whether I'd be under dressing or overdressing him. In the end, after reading some advice on line, I put Oliver in a nappy and vest with the magic sleepsuit on top. I'm in Scotland and it's still pretty cold at the moment, but with our heating on it's normally around 19 degrees in his room.

On our first night trying out the suit, I half expected Oliver to wake up within a few minutes of being put in his cot. We watched on the video monitor and, as expected, he startled himself within a minute or so but, this time, he didn't fully wake up. We could see his eyes darting around the room in the dark but he must have felt so warm and cosy that he just went back to sleep and we couldn't believe it. That night he slept in exactly the same pattern as he would have done in his swaddle. It actually worked.

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It quickly became part of our routine. After his bath, we'd put him in his sleep suit, dim the lights and give him his final bottle. The suit's really easy to put on because it has a double zip at the front, so there's no drama before bed time. With Oliver's reflux and sickness, I was concerned about washing and drying the suit regularly but it was totally fine and dried over the radiator within an hour or so.

We planned on using the sleep suit for a few months in the hope that he'd get used to sleeping that way and then we could try him in a normal baby sleeping bag. One night last week, though, I realised in horror that I'd forgotten to take the suit out of the washing machine. Oliver was just out of his bath and waiting for his bed time bottle and we had nothing to put him in.

We decided to try to let him sleep in one of the baby sleeping bags, assuming that if/when it didn't work, the sleep suit would be drying in the mean time and we'd put him in that eventually. Can you guess what happened? He slept. He slept just like he did in the magic sleep suit. For the past week, he's slept in his sleeping bag every night and his sleeping pattern has stayed exactly the same. It's something I still can't get my head around.

In just 3 short weeks, the Magic Sleepsuit has trained Oliver to sleep without the swaddle and how to send himself back to sleep if he wakes during the night. I can't believe how useful this product has been. It costs £23.95 and is worth every penny in my opinion, whether you're transitioning from the swaddle or just want to comfort a baby who has trouble staying asleep for long periods. I cannot recommend this enough. If you want to try it out, they've given me a discount code for 10% off via Amazon. Just use the code 'MMBLOG10' to get your discount.

Did any of you have trouble transitioning your baby out of a swaddle?

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