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Sunday, 12 March 2017
It's been a long, long time since I've written a gift guide but with my blog being so baby orientated these days, it seemed like mothers day was a topic I should cover. First of all, don't panic - it's not today. You still have another two weeks of thinking 'oh yeah, need to get something' before you ultimately go out the day before and panic buy. Or is it just me that always does that? Luckily this year I'm prepared as I've paid a visit to the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow, and picked up some gift ideas to share with you. The centre has a huge selection of shops and the St Enoch Centre rewards scheme means you can build up points while shopping too.

I've read a lot of 'alternative' gift guides recently and they're great but personally, I love the cliche gifts. Bath bombs on your birthday? Yes please. PJ's for Christmas? I'm all over that. As a new mum, I know how much you appreciate being able to take time for yourself and any gift that gives you an excuse to do that is a winner in my opinion. Here's my fool-proof gift ideas for mothers day...

Maisy Meow Gift Guide for Mothers Day Estee Lauder Yankee Candles Beauty Hamper

The Marc Jacobs Daisy range is universally loved and if you're not sure what kind of scent your mum likes, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is perfect. Not too floral, not too sweet. It's a beautiful, fresh spring scent. I picked up 50ml from The Perfume Shop for £44.99.

I've yet to meet a mum (or anyone, for that matter) that doesn't love candles. Nothing helps you to relax more than turning the lights down, lighting some beautiful candles and chilling out in front of the television once the little one's in bed. One of my all-time favourite candles is Yankee 'Shea Butter'. It's a clean, free scent and, just like the perfume, it's the perfect scent to gift someone. I love the candle selection in the St Enoch Centre Boots - there are so many to chose from.

Maisy Meow Mothers Day Gift Guide Hotel Chocolat

Next on the list is a product that's so highly thought of, I can almost guarantee that your mum will have heard of it. It's known in the beauty world as a magic potion and having tried it myself, I can confirm this is pretty accurate description. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (30ml) is a beautiful luxury product and if you want to treat your mum, this is the way to do it. I picked this one up from Debenhams for £52. It may seem a lot but you only use a drop at a time, so a little goes a long way.

The last idea on my list is something I'd still consider as a luxury product, despite it being the least expensive thing here. This beautifully packaged Mothers Day gift box from Hotel Chocolat comes in at £12.50. Hotel Chocolat is one of my favourite shops when buying gifts - their chocolates are always beautifully decorated, packaged perfectly and taste like an absolute dream.

Are you a fan of the cliche gift ideas for Mother's day? 
3 comments on "Mothers Day Gift Guide with St Enoch Centre"
  1. I'm with you, I love the cliche gift ideas! My mum's birthday and mother's day aren't that far apart so I always feel like I can pick out a more creative gift for her birthday and some typical chocolate/candles/bath bombs for mother's day, but even if they weren't close I'd still love all the typical gifts. I love the look of the Hotel Chocolat gift box, I might have to go and pick one up (Hotel Chocolat does always feel like such a luxury because most of it is so eye waveringly expensive haha).

    Maddie x |

    1. That was meant to say 'wateringly', spell check fail.

  2. Love this post, you have some beautiful photos. I love Shea Butter, it smells amazing. Danielle || Miss Danielle


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