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Sunday, 7 May 2017
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I always planned on making my own baby puree but when the time came, we found ourselves giving ready made baby food for Oliver's first tastes. We had been sent a box of Piccolo pouches (which went down a treat) and we tried some others from Heinz and Ella's kitchen but after a few weeks, we began to realise how expensive it is to rely on pouches and jars. Given that we're giving Oliver ready made milk for acid reflux, we're already spending a small fortune in the baby aisle every week and when it comes to baby food, we've no excuse for buying ready made.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by BEABA who offered to send us one of their Baby Cook Food Processors so that we could make our own in the easiest way possible. It's been a total game changer and I'm actually really enjoying using it and trying out different food combinations.

Once we move onto the next stage of weaning, we will use it to make thicker purees and eventually we will simply steam the vegetables which he can chew on himself.

Tonight's video is a really quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own baby puree using the Beaba baby cook food processor.

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