Olivers 7 Month Update

Sunday, 21 May 2017
Oliver Jack Wells turned 7 months old on the 20th May.

I started writing these updates thinking I'd enjoy looking back on them in years to come but I had no idea how much I'd enjoy reading them even just a few months later. Every so often, I read back through the early months and reflect on how much Oliver and life, in general, has changed in such a short time. It's odd writing this post, knowing that in a few months I'll be reading it back and thinking, 'wow, things are so different now'. With that said, here's Olivers 7 month update...

Baby Development at 7 Months Parenting Mummy Bloggers UK MAISY MEOW

He's changed so much in the last month. He's now eating three meals a day and loving his food. He loves sweet potatoes, pears, apple biscotti biscuits, scrambled eggs and banana - oh my goodness, he loves banana. He's getting much better at feeding himself, especially with his biscotti's or his wafers and it's the sweetest thing watching him chew with his gumsy little smile. He's still using his fruit feeder and we're still giving him purees too. He went through a short phase where he was getting frustrated being spoon fed, but he seems to have gotten over it again. 

Oliver has had a few days where his gums have been bothering him and he'll have little red cheeks and a red nose, but there's no sign of any actual teeth yet. It hasn't been awful yet and normally he's fine if he chews on his matchstick monkey or has some calpol. I can always tell when his gums are bothering him because he sucks in his bottom lip and pulls the cutest little face.

Baby Development at 7 Months Parenting Mummy Bloggers UK MAISY MEOW

When it comes to development, he's totally thriving. He's very mobile and it's no longer safe to leave him on the bed or anywhere for that matter because he will undoubtedly roll and roll until he hits something. He has an insane amount of strength in his legs (thanks to the jumperoo!) and he's happiest when he's standing up with me holding onto his hands. He loves it so much that he's still refusing to stay in the sitting position for any length of time but if I'm able to distract him with toys on the floor, he can sit up for a few minutes without toppling over. Most of the time, though, he just straightens his legs out and uses anything he can to pull himself up (sometimes it's my hair). If I let him stand against the couch and let go of his hands, he gets the biggest smile on his face!

Baby Development at 7 Months Parenting Mummy Bloggers UK MAISY MEOW

One of the biggest developments this month is that he's starting say 'mum' and 'dada'. He actually said 'mama' first, despite everyone telling us it's always dada! I spent weeks repeating 'mamama' to him and eventually I noticed he was watching my mouth and copying me, within a few days he was shouting 'mamama' himself and it's evolved into just shouting 'mum!' now. He doesn't quite use it in context, but I like to pretend he's shouting on me when he does it! He learned 'dada' within a few days of saying 'mama' and loves practising them both. Watch his video update to see it!

Sleep is something I can finally say I'm happy with. Oliver's still following his bed time routine of bath, blow dry and bed and he'll sleep from 8pm until 6-7am - normally he doesn't wake during the night but if he does, it'll be around 5.30 and he'll usually go back down after it. In the mornings, he'll nap for 2/3 hours most days and then have another 45 min nap around 2pm and then 5pm.

7 Month Baby Update Rolling and Standing Development

He loves to grab faces and giving him his bottle is a whole new experience now with me trying to wriggle away from his little hands and trying to free my hair from him. It's so sweet though, because you can see his little brain working and studying every single part of your face. His little hand is always touching everything in side, and he does the cutest little twirling motion with it which makes my heart melt. 

I say  it every month, but this is my favourite age so far. I'm loving every minute of Oliver and instead of feeling like I need a break every so often (like I did in the early days), I now just want to spend every minute with him and as soon as he's in bed, I'm looking forward to the morning when I can go into his room and see his gorgeous little smile beaming back at me.

Happy 7 months Oliver! 

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