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Monday, 5 June 2017

We're at the very end of decorating Oliver's room and I'm just adding some finishing touches before I film his nursery tour this week (make sure you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss it!). One of the things on my list was a pom-pom garland to hang from the new shelves we've just put up in his reading corner. 

Oliver's room was decorated around this pom pom cot mobile from Mamas and Papas. I absolutely adore the colours in it and it was actually one of the first things I bought for his room, and what went on to be the colour inspiration for the whole nursery. Anyway, a pom pom garland on the other side of the room was just what we needed to balance out the colours. 

I had a look on Etsy but couldn't find one in the colours I was looking for, so I decided to pop on my crafty hat and make my own. After a quick trip to Hobby craft, I'd picked up three bundles of cotton yarn in mustard, teal and a blue/grey and a pom pom making kit. The pom poms were surprisingly easy to make using the tool and after watching tutorials on line where people used forks and other household items to make them, I'd definitely say the pom pom maker is the simplest way to do it. 


All you do is wrap the wool around both sides, fasten the clip, cut through the centre and remove the tool. Once you've fluffed it up and trimmed any messy bits, you have the perfect pom pom in just a couple of minutes. 

I used black and white striped parcel string to hold the pom poms together, and I threaded the pom poms onto the string using a thick knitting needle. Because the string was so thick, the pom poms couldn't move around much so I didn't have to secure them with anything. 

The whole process took about 45 minutes (although it would definitely have been less if it wasn't for my ridiculously blunt scissors). Once I'd got the hang of making the first pom pom, it came really easily and it's actually pretty therapeutic to chill out watching telly and making things. It's given me a bit of a bug for making things myself, actually. I don't think I saved money doing it, as it was more expensive to buy all the wool etc. but I ended up with the perfect garland in the perfect colours. 

I'm so happy with the end result and think it's exactly what this area of the room needed! 

Nursery Inspiration POM POM garland tutorial Shelves in Nursery Scandinavian Neutral

Here's the video tutorial on how to make the garland if you want to give it a go yourself! 

What do you think? Have you tried any interiors DIYs recently?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! We just started painting Lucas's room and I need ideas to balance out one side. I was thinking of a garland so might give pom poms a try! Oliver's room is lovely! Xx

    1. Thanks so much - let me know if you give it a go! :) xxx


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