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Tuesday, 13 June 2017
When it came to hunting for a high chair, we wanted three things. 

Firstly, we wanted one that was good quality and built to last. I'm all for cheap and cheerful but for something that we'll use three times a day, for up to three years and possibly twice over (if we have another baby), it had to be hard wearing. Secondly, it had to be easy to clean. Weaning is a messy business and it doesn't really get much cleaner from then on. I wanted a chair I could wipe clean every meal time, with a cover that could be machine washed on the days that Oliver's extra 'creative' with his leftover weetabix. Last but not least, I wanted it to be stylish. Call me vain but I didn't spend months decorating my living room for a pink and red strawberry printed high chair to waltz in and kill my minimal vibe. So with that being said, what did we go for? 

This high chair meets all the points on our list and more. The gorgeous modern, minimal design is exactly the style I was looking for, the quality is out of this world and despite having the messiest baby ever (seriously, sweet potato everywhere .. all the time), the chair still looks as good as new. 

The Steps high chair is customisable  - you can chose the colour of the legs from six choices, the seat  can be black or white and there's a great selection of colours for the cushion. We chose 'natural oak' legs, with a white seat and 'greige' cushion. This made our chair the perfect neutral combination to blend into our living room seamlessly. I loved being able to chose my own colour scheme and the 'create and buy' feature on the website allows you to view different combinations to help you decided which ones you like best. 

The high chair is made for the newborn stage all the way to age 3+ which is great. What's better is that you can pick and chose what you need, rather than paying for the whole bundle that you might not need. We didn't get Oliver's high chair until we were ready to start weaning (he was around 5 months) so we ordered the chair with the baby set, tray and cushion. We can remove the baby chair when he's a bit bigger and he will then use the standard seat as a raised chair at the table. 

The baby set offers the seat for a young baby that can sit up, with straps to keep the secure. The backrest of the chair can be moved into a forward position, for a smaller baby, or further back when they get a bit bigger. I've tried many high chairs in coffee shops over the last few months that have made me realise how important this feature is. In our Steps high chair, Oliver sits close to the tray and there's no gap where food can fall or where he could lean forward and be uncomfortable. 

Stokke Steps high chair review modern minimal high chair review

After lunch, I usually give the tray and cushion a wipe down with a damp cloth, as it's always easier to get the mess before it dries in. Every few days, I'll remove the cover from the chair and pop it into a quick 15 minute washing machine cycle. It dries over the radiator in under half an hour and I can have everything back in place in time for his next snack. I love having the option of throwing this into the machine and, with it being such a good quality cover, it hasn't faded or shown any signs of wear and tear in the three months that my son has been vandalising it every breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm confident it'll stay in good shape throughout the years. 

Although we used this high chair from 6 months onwards, I think if we have another baby we will invest in the newborn bouncer too. Looking back, I know that it would have made life a lot simpler if we could have had Oliver at the table with us in the newborn days, rather us taking turns to eat! 

If you're looking for a good quality, stylish high chair that's made to last then I can't recommend the Stokke Steps chair enough. 

Have you tried this chair? What's the top things you look for in a high chair? 

*PR sample. As always, all opinions my own. 

10 comments on "Stokke Steps High Chair Review"
  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2017

    What a great little high chair, we got a lovely highchair for our eldest but the cover had stitching that couldn't be cleaned properly and had to be throw out after a year because of how grubby it got. It felt like such a waste of money.

    1. That's such a shame, it's so important that they can be cleaned properly considering how messy babies are haha! Thanks for reading! :) x

  2. That's a nice high chair! When my kids were toddlers I had saved my first high chair for my second child. I get sentimental like that. Great review!

    1. Aw that's so sweet - I'll be saving this one for Oliver's little bro or sis of the future too!

  3. Easy cleaning is essential for choosing a high chair! And good quality (ours is now on the third baby!)

    1. Yay that's the goal! I always think it's worth spending a bit extra to get something to last for years - saves on all the hassle and the extra money of buying a new cheap one every year ha!xx

  4. The high chair looks great. I like the design.

  5. Really like that it is customisable and that it lasts all the way from newborn to 3 plus. My friend is expecting her first baby soon so I'll definitely share your review with her because it's a lovely high chair.


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