Why was I so scared of stretch marks?

Monday, 12 June 2017
It sounds crazy but one of my biggest worries during pregnancy was stretch marks. I analysed the skin on my stomach and smothered myself in bio-oil and cocoa butter stretch mark cream at least three times a day. I loved watching my bump grow, but looking at each progress picture and seeing how big I was getting also gave me this inner dread. What if I end up covered in stretch marks?

Being happy in my body has always been important to me and I felt like I was having that taken away from me. I don't think it's abnormal to worry about your post-partum body. I knew I wouldn't snap back to normal the next day and that it would take some time to get back to my normal weight but for me, stretch marks were irreversible and if I got them, my skin would be ruined forever. 

It was week 34 and I was doing the daily ritual of checking my skin when I noticed the smallest little line. Over the next few weeks, a few more appeared and it was clear my fears had come true. I was terrified of how much worse they were going to get as I grew. I also had so much regret that I hadn't done more to prevent them - had I used the wrong creams or not eaten the right foods?

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By the time I had Oliver, I had a patch of small red marks to the left of my belly button and after labour, I noticed some red ones on my hips which looked a bit like I'd been scratched. I was devastated. I felt like I'd never be happy in my body again and the weight gain didn't make things any better.

So how do I feel seven months on? My bump has deflated, I've lost my 'baby weight' and the stretch marks have faded a lot from what they were but more importantly, I feel like my whole attitude has changed - I just don't care as much as I thought I would. It's not that I've had a baby and 'let myself go' or that I no longer care what I look like, because I do.

The thing is, I used to be terrified that stretch marks were permanent but that's actually the thing that comforts me now - they're irreversible .. and I need to just accept that. I might not have any control over the marks on my skin but I can exercise and have a healthy diet so that I feel happy with my body and comfortable in my clothes. After all, I'm in my clothes 99% of the time. 

When I'm lucky enough to find myself in a warm country and in a bikini, I seriously won't care if anyone notices my less than perfect skin. When I think about how much time I put into judging other peoples bodies on holiday (and that's none), I realise that no one is paying any attention to my imperfections. Having a baby makes you truly realise what's important and what's not. That change in perspective is something I really didn't anticipate and something that I'm so glad to have now.

If stretch marks are the price to pay for my beautiful little boy and how happy I am now then it's more than worth it. 

Were you worried about stretch marks or your post partum body?

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  1. I spoke to you about this post on twitter, I was all smug thinking that I wouldn't get any stretch marks at all during pregnancy because I was obsessed with my bio oil, cue 38 weeks and I woke up covered in them. Once they were there I realised they weren't that bad after all and I'm not at all bothered by it now. Great post, more women need to hear this :)

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    1. Thanks lovely! I was basically the same, avoided them until the last stretch and when they happen, you just accept it cos they're here to stay whether you like it or not haha! Thanks so much for reading and sharing too :) xxx


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