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Wednesday, 26 July 2017
I've not been around much on my blog recently - which is pretty evident given that I'm currently writing Oliver's 9 month update and the last post on here is his 8 month update! My bad. I have good reason for my absence though, we've been on our first family holiday in Portugal and we had the best time ever. I'm going to be making a video all about that on my youtube channel - so make sure you're subbed if you want some tips and advice on taking a young baby on holiday! 

While we were away, it felt like Oliver aged way more than 2 weeks. He's came home much bigger, more mobile and he just looks like a little toddler now. Here's all the developments of the last month.. 

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Crawling and Pulling Himself Up 
Oliver has been army crawling since 8 months and he's now super quick and mobile. In the last few days, he's progressed to crawling up on his knees although he still reverts back to his army crawl for quickness! He pulled himself up for the first time the day before we went on holiday. I was sitting on the floor in his room drying my hair while he played in his cot and I could see him grabbing the bars of the cot and pulling a little. Then, as if he knew exactly what to do, he lifted on hand and pulled up even further and then before I knew it his little face was peaking over the top of the cot with the biggest smile I think I've ever seen! We both just stared at each other with open mouths trying to work out how he'd managed it so perfectly first time! He kept practising on everything in sight while we were away, and since we came home he's on everything - the couch, the fire place (baby proofing required!) and he's keeping himself up for an extra half hour each night practising climbing the bars in the cot. I must admit he's harder work now that he's on the move - he can't be left for a second and he's always desperate to get onto the floor so he can keep practising! 

Reflux - We've ditched the Dairy Free diet
I mentioned in Oliver's 8 month update that we were trying a dairy free diet to see if his reflux was the result of a lactose intolerance. We were prescribed Nutrimigen but after 2 weeks it was clear it wasn't helping the reflux and in fact, it was making him really windy and uncomfortable too. After another visit to the doctor, we went back to SMA pro milk and we're now using gaviscon sachets in every bottle which helps a lot. He's only having a bottle in the morning and before bed now too and having less milk definitely improves the reflux. We've been trying to stick to more solid foods too as they seem easier for him to hold down - scrambled eggs and sweet potato fingers are his favs! 

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Sleep - Controlled Crying (kind of)
I've always had to put Oliver to bed when he's already sleeping - whether that's because he's fallen asleep on his bottle or because I've rocked him back and forth for 10 minutes. If he woke once I left the room, I'd always have to start again - exhausting! I'm going back to work in a few weeks time and I knew I couldn't expect my mum to go through this process every time he needed a sleep so I decided to try a bit of 'controlled crying' to see if he could send himself to sleep. The good thing is, there wasn't really much crying involved. I started with his naps, when he's usually really tired, and I put him in his buggy with his blanket and faced it to the wall as I normally would. Then I left him and sat on the couch behind to see if he'd fall asleep. He moaned a little but didn't properly cry and within 10 minutes he was sleeping - I totally wasn't expecting it to work first time! Next, we tackled the bedtime routine and couldn't believe it that after 20 minutes of him crawling around the cot, babbling and being full of energy, he face planted the mattress and fell straight asleep. I could have cried with happiness, in all honesty. I think he probably could have done this months ago if I'd just left him long enough! Our controlled crying attempt ended before it really began - he's now a champion sleeper and we put him down awake every night now. He's still an early riser though - 6am is our wake up call and that's fine with me, really, because it means that when I'm back to work, I'll get an hour playing with Oliver before I have to get ready in the morning. 

He still has just two teeth on the bottom but given all the red cheeks and drooling, there's definitely more on the way! Calpol and teething powders have been our friend this month, and everything else that he can chew on .. including my shoulder and neck. He's secretly a vampire, I know it! 

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Oliver is still a super happy, cheery little boy and he loves when people chat to him. He's always got the biggest open-mouthed grin on his face when he's getting attention and he lunges towards people when he wants a cuddle/grab of their face. His favourite toys this month are mobile phones and tv remotes - he's not picky, he'll take any that are going as long as he can chew them. 

So many people have commented on how much he's grown recently, and you can totally see it in these photos I think. I took these in Portugal, on the day that he turned 9 months and it's the biggest change I've seen in him month-to-month since the newborn days. I must admit that the chunky baby stage is a firm favourite of mine - I just can't resist those chunky thighs and that double chin! 

Happy 9 months Oliver! 


6 comments on "BABY | Oliver's 9 Month Update"
  1. Ah he's getting so big now! xx

  2. Such a beautiful boy. Hope you had a fab holiday. I hope the reflux continues to improve for him x

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2017

    what a beautiful little boy! Happy 9 months Oliver xx

  4. I cannot believe how big he has gotten now!! These months are flying by!

  5. My youngest just turns 18 months and it really goes far too fast! What a beautiful little chap you have! X

  6. Oh wow, he's getting so big! His hair is still amazing Haha! What a clever little monkey pulling himself up too :) and I'm glad you've almost cleared up the reflux, I can't imagine that's a nice experience for you all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday xx


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