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Saturday, 25 November 2017
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I'm a big fan of the festive period and I'm also a big fan of keeping up traditions, so when Nature's Finest got in touch and asked if I wanted to start a new family tradition and bake a Christmas pudding on #StirupSunday, I was in. (It just so happens, I'm a big fan of puddings too. Win, win.)

Stir Up Sunday is an old tradition where, on the last Sunday before December, families would all get together and make the Christmas pudding. Christmas puddings are said to get better with time, so traditionally they would be made a few weeks before Christmas and then re-heated on the big day. Stir-up Sunday has a bit of magic in it too - each family member is supposed to take a turn of stirring the mixture while making a wish. As a Christmas tradition, I love that there's a bit of magic included on this day too. 

Now I have to start by saying that although I'm a big fan of puddings, I've never made one. I don't bake often and when I do, it's usually when I'm with my mum or sister and I'm more likely to be 'sampling' the food or scraping the condensed milk from the tin rather than doing the skilled work. I considered asking for help on this one, but I really did want this to be our own little family tradition so I had to get my chef's hat on and get started. 

Preparation time was minimal, easy and once I'd got everything weighed and my baking paper organised, it took no longer than 15 minutes to get the pudding ready to go (not including the five minutes we stopped to get cute photos of Oliver stirring the bowl - I'm almost certain he wished for a tv remote). 

Maisy Meow Blog Family Lifestyle Parenting Blog Christmas pudding recipe

Here's the recipe we followed:(source: Natures Finest Christmas Pudding recipe*) 

· 2 x 400g Nature’s Finest Pitted Prunes in juice, drained
· Butter for greasing
· 150mls dark rum (I didn't include this as I don't like alcohol in puddings!)
· Finely grated zest of 1 large orange
· 75g vegetarian suet
· 75g dark brown sugar
· 75g plain flour
· 2 tsp mixed spice
· 2 tsp ground cinnamon
· 50g white breadcrumbs
· 50g Brazil nuts, roughly chopped
· 1 large egg 

· 200g mixed dried fruit

1. Lightly grease a 1.2 litre pudding basin and line the base with disc of baking paper.
2. Cut a 38cm square of baking paper and place it on top of square of foil of the same size. Use butter to grease a circle about 18cm wide in the centre of the baking paper then fold a 5cm pleat down the centre.
3. Place 1 pot of prunes in a blender and puree until smooth. Roughly chop the second pot of prunes. Transfer prunes to a mixing bowl, add all the remaining ingredient and mix well
4. Spoon the mixture into the prepared bowl. Place the square of foil and baking paper, greased side down on top of the pudding, with the pleat down the middle. Tie a long piece of string around the rim of the bowl, then loop string over and under the bowl to take a handle.
5. Sit the pudding on a heatproof saucer in a large deep pan, then pour in enough hot water to come half way up the bowl. Cover and simmer for 4 hours topping up water as necessary. Remove and cool store in cool place until required.
6. To reheat steam in a pan for 1 hour or remove foil and baking paper, cover with cling film and microwave for 5-10 minutes or until hot through.

This isn't a quick recipe by any means but once you've got the pan simmering away, you don't really need to do much other than top the water up every hour or so. We put the pudding on just after breakfast and it was ready just after 2pm which was pretty good timing - just as we were looking for a little tea break! 

Maisy Meow Blog Family Lifestyle Parenting Blog Christmas pudding recipe
Maisy Meow Blog Family Lifestyle Parenting Blog Christmas pudding recipe

I was over the moon when I saw how well our Christmas pudding turned out. It looked great, it tasted great and to make things even better, the whole house smelled like spices and fruit - I just wish we'd had our Christmas tree up too. (Note to self - this would have been the perfect day to put our tree up! I'll remember that for next year.) 

We had our stir-up Sunday slightly early this year in order to give you all a head up beforehand, but we had such a lovely time doing it that I'm sure it's a family tradition to stay. I can imagine, in years to come, it will be a really fun morning or afternoon activity for the family when Oliver (and maybe his brothers or sisters!) all get involved. For now, he was happy to chew the wooden spoon!

Do any of you take part in Stir Up Sunday? What's your favourite Christmas traditions? 

*This post is sponsored by Nature's Finest
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  1. This looks so delicious! Need to try this recipe...does Oliver take bookings as a wee kitchen helper? Haha
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf


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