A Weekend in Edinburgh | APEX Grassmarket hotel

Sunday, 17 June 2018
*This post was written a few weeks ago and I completely forgot to publish. So although we're wearing coats, I thought it's better late than never!*

So let's catch up - I said in my last post that we've been a few places recently that I've vlogged but haven't blogged about. One of my favourite places we've been recently (and for a long time) is the Apex Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Apex asked me, Andy and Oliver to try out their dinner, bed and breakfast deal and of course, we jumped at the chance to have a fun night away as a family. 

We'd never even considered going away for the night with Oliver. If we'd ever saw a tempting DBB deal, we'd automatically have considered a baby sitter but once it had been suggested it made me realise that there's no reason for us to go without him. I actually really don't like leaving Oliver overnight. I miss him like crazy and have only had a couple of nights away from him since he's been born so the thought of a night away without that hanging over me was quite nice actually! 

We were booked in for a Friday night and once I'd finished work, we picked up Oliver and jumped in the car to make the 50 minute drive to Edinburgh. We managed to miss most of the traffic and got there on time for our 7pm dinner reservation. First, we checked into our room to leave our bags and have a quick change before heading down to the restaurant. 

Let's talk about our room, seriously. I don't think I've ever had such an amazing view from a hotel room before. If you come to Edinburgh, the main attraction is obviously Edinburgh castle. It's just stunning to look at, so getting a room with a floor to ceiling window at the foot of the castle was just unreal. We also looked over the Grassmarket area which is a lovely little street of pubs and restaurants - a really pretty little part of Edinburgh with a real holiday feel about it (maybe that's just because I don't live there, but it definitely felt like it was somewhere special!). 

Our dinner in the hotel was fantastic. I was so impressed as in all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from a hotel restaurant on a DBB deal, but we had some really, really good food and the service was excellent. We both had haggis bon bons for a starter, steak for main, and then I had strawberry and shortcake ice-cream. They had a good kids menu too, although Oliver had already had his dinner before we left so he just had some garlic bread, some of my ice cream and then the waiter very kindly filled his bottle with milk before we headed up to the room. 

He had a bit of a late night, but luckily he had no problems going to sleep in our room for about 8.30/9.00pm. In fact, he was absolutely buzzing with excitement to be somewhere different. After running around in his nappy, turning all the lights on and off, and jumping on the bed, he went into his travel cot with no complaints and went to sleep while me and Andy chilled out and watched the telly. It was just so nice to have a lovely dinner, and hang out in a beautiful hotel room for a change of scenery. 

Our room was a 'family room' so actually had two big double beds in it, which was perfect when Oliver woke at 4am - Andy jumped into the other spare double and me and Oliver cuddled in until the morning. How much easier would life be if there was always a 'spare double?'.

Breakfast in the restaurant the next morning was lovely. It was a buffet of pasties, cereal and fruit and then you could order cooked foods like sausages, pancakes etc. We ate far too much, checked out of our room and started our adventure around Edinburgh. 

Our day was spent walking up to the castle, roaming around Princes Street Gardens, shopping and then going for lunch in a lovely little cafe (totally forgot to get the name of it). It was a beautiful day and, honestly, it's only been a few weeks and I am already looking back to nostalgically on that weekend. I'd love to do it all again and I definitely think we'll do more dinner, bed and breakfasts deals as a family in future. 

Here's the vlog - see how gorgeous our room was, and how unbelievably beautiful edinburgh is too!

Have any of you stayed in Edinburgh before?
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