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Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted on here, and a life update post is on it's way (there's a lot to catch up on). I'm mainly on youtube now, and if you're not already I'd love it if you'd head over to my channel and check out some of my videos. I post 3 times a week on there just now and would love to have you over there too!

Today I thought I'd make an appearance on here, and tell you all about our trip to Gretna Gateway Outlet Village last weekend. If you've followed me for a while, you'll already know how much I love to shop. My problem is that I always go to the same shopping centres, to the same shops ... and see the same things. I do love a bargain and  really needed to try out somewhere new so when we were asked to visit Gretna Gateway Outlet Village, I had to try it out. I'd heard some good reviews on it and knew it would offer something different to my usual shopping centre experience. 

Gretna Gateway Outlet Gretna Green Outlet Review

Living in Glasgow, we were an hour and a half drive from the outlet which, for me, is the perfect amount of time to feel like you're going somewhere special but not too long that the toddler throws a tantrum. We timed it perfectly so that Oliver would nap on the way there, and I actually really enjoyed the drive down.

We were set the challenge of getting some homeware bits and given a gift card for the shopping centre. It's an outdoor shopping centre, and had such a nice vibe to it as soon as we arrived. There was a small kids play area with a huge connect 4 game and building blocks, with live music playing. This got Oliver into the best mood after his nap and he treated everyone to a dance before we started shopping! 

Gretna Gateway Outlet Gretna Green Outlet Review

We had a few things on our list for homeware and managed to pick up some amazing bargains. There were so many shops and brands that were normally far out of our price range, but the huge discounts made them an absolute steal. We needed new towels, and managed to pick up 4 new bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 smaller guest towels for a total of £90 from Christy. These are some of the highest quality towels, and we got them for almost half price!

Candles are a must when it comes to home shopping, and we were so excited to stock up on discounted Yankee candles from Julian Charles. I'd normally expect to find the older or less popular candles in a discounted store, but we found all our favourites - shea butter, fluffy towels and fireside treats for later in the year. We also picked up two new pillows each, which were half price and down to £14. 

The last place we went for homeware, was the Molton Brown outlet. Me and Andy have a love for Molton Brown and their gorgeous handwashes, so we spent quite a while sampling all the different scents and eventually settled on a half price hand wash and hand lotion gift set in 'ginger lily'. It's so good and, as sad as it sounds, I love having a fancy hand wash and lotion in our bathroom. We picked up this gift set for just £14 - how perfect would this be as a gift at Christmas?

Gretna Gateway Outlet Gretna Green Outlet Review

We had a look around the other shops and there were so many discounted clothes. A huge Next and a Marks and Spencer that I could have spent hours in. Me and Andy have both agreed another trip to Gretna Gateway Outlet Village around Christmas time as it's the perfect place to pick up luxury gifts at discounted prices. We might also sneak in another trip before our holiday in September, as it should be the perfect time to pick up all the bargains from the summer sales.

We finished our day out with lunch in Pizza Express, and went back to the play area for Oliver to burn off some energy before the car journey home. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Gretna Gateway for a visit - it's perfect for homeware shopping, especially if you're just moving into somewhere new and need all the basics like duvets, pillows, pots and pans (there's a pro-cook there too with some fab deals). 

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Have any of you been before?

*This post is sponsored by Gretna Gateway.

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  1. We live just over half an hour away and we went on Sunday but didn’t get anything this visit. We love the Nike shop and I spotted a lovely bag in the Radley store..may have to return to buy it as I keep thinking about it 😊😊


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