The last five months.

Sunday, 7 October 2018
I posted on Instagram the other day about how much has changed in the last 5 months and it made me realise that for those of you that only read my blog and don’t see my social posts, a life update is long overdue on here.

I have so much to tell you, I don’t even know where to start.

So back in April, Andy, Oliver and I went to Nerja with Andy’s mum and dad. We were out early in the morning (as is standard with a toddler on holiday) and when we got to the balcony overlooking the beach, Andy proposed! It was completely out the blue – well, as ‘out the blue’ as it can be when you’ve been together 8 years! I didn’t know he was planning to ask me any time soon. Of course, I said yes and straight away we started making plans. When I say ‘straight away’, I mean we literally went back to the villa, told his mum and dad and started looking up venues! I was vlogging when he proposed, so if you’re interested – you can watch the video here!

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As it happens, around that time, we’d been chatting about trying for another baby. I wrote a post at the start of the year talking about when would be the right time to have another baby, and by that point in April we had agreed that we were ready. But, getting engaged kind of put a spanner in the works.

Should we get married first? Or have another baby first?

I’ve never been excited by the idea of a big wedding for me and Andy, we had both always agreed that a big ceremony wasn’t that important to either of us and that we’d probably get married abroad or have a small wedding when the time came. I definitely didn’t see myself booking it for a year or two in advance as in my head, the wedding I had planned would only take a couple of days to plan. (spoiler: even the smallest weddings can be stressful to plan!) I’ve never liked making plans too far in advance either, as you never know what’s going to happen in one or two years time so with that said, we both agreed we’d get married sooner rather than later.

We planned to get married in August, and put our second baby plans on hold until after the wedding (which was fine as it was just a few more months). I’d always loved the idea of a wedding the The Bothy, which is a lovely rustic restaurant in Glasgow’s west end. They have a private dining area upstairs, with a long dining table and you can get married at the top of the table. As someone who cringes at the thought of walking down and aisle and having all eyes on me, it was the perfect set up. We could have our close family and friends only, get married at the top of the table with Oliver by our side, and then we’d all have a big meal together and some drinks to celebrate.

Then, two weeks after booking the wedding, I found out I was pregnant.

20 weeks pregnant bump second pregnancy

It turns out our decision to wait a few months had been made a little too late, and Oliver’s sibling was due in January 2019! You can watch our announcement video here.

I worked out I’d be 17-ish weeks at the wedding, and other than not being able to have a drink to celebrate, it wasn’t a big problem that we’d booked the wedding already. We even decided that it would be fun to do the gender reveal at the wedding, if we were able to find out by then

So the wedding plans got underway (I chat more about our small budget wedding here) and the day came round so quickly. We got married on the 26th August 2019 in The Bothy, with 24 of our close family and friends all around the table and it was absolutely perfect. I wore a dress by French Connection, which only just fit over my fast-growing bump and afterwards, we met more of our friends for drinks at The Grosvener cafĂ© around the corner. It was the perfect small wedding that we had both hoped for. I’m still waiting on the rest of wedding photos coming back, and when I get them I’ll remember to share them on here too. (Plus, a few wedding posts/videos are coming up)

We had our ‘honeymoon’ in Portugal a few weeks later, and since then we’ve been busy preparing for the arrival of Oliver’s little BROTHER! Yep, we have another little mini Oliver on the way. I’m over the moon to be expecting another little boy and although this pregnancy has definitely been a whole lot rougher than the last, I am so happy things worked out the way they did. Oliver’s little bro is due on 29th January 2019.

Fast forward to the present and we’re excitedly getting things ready for the new baby coming. Oliver is growing up so quickly and has turned into such a little character over the last few months. He's chatting away to us, saying 'yes please' to everything which melts my heart and he's just the happiest little lad.

Since Oliver is now so much 'easier', we both feel a little terrified at the thought of going back to the new born stage of bottles, carry cots and swaddling but it’s equally exciting at the same time. I’m going to finish for maternity leave just before Christmas, so I can spend some quality time with Andy and Oliver before we get thrown into that crazy baby bubble again.

So that’s it – a whole lot of life updates thrown into one post. Although I don’t post on here as much as my other socials, I do still love to write and wish I had the time to post more regularly. I’m hoping maternity leave might make that possible again. In the mean time, head over to my youtube channel and subscribe to that as I post 3 new videos a week over there. I’m also a regular on Instagram and Instagram stories too!

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