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Thursday, 4 April 2019
So when I realised my last post was in October, I instantly started writing. I've said it before but my blog is, quite obviously, not my main social platform at the moment. I've tried to juggle my youtube channel, instagram and my blog but life with two kids (spoiler alert - I had another baby!) is quite hectic and I've had to put my blog on the back burner over the last year. With that being said, October is a bit ridiculous! How did that happen?! 

So what's been happening?
Let's catch up. So since October last year, the biggest change has been the new addition to our family. Meet Marcus James Wells. He was born almost 4 weeks early by elective c section on the 5th January 2019, after I went into premature labour. It's a long and emotional story but somehow I managed to vlog the experience - you can watch my elective caesarean birth vlog here and my video about Marcus's stay in neo natal here. Maybe one day I'll write a birth story on here but the memory is already a little hazy - I blame the morphine!

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How's life been with two kids?
Marcus has slotted into our family perfectly. He's been a dream from the start and I am genuinely loving the baby stage this time around. I say 'this time around' as, if you followed my blog in the early days with Oliver, you'll know we had a bit of a rough time with reflux with him. This time has been so different and it's made even better by watching Oliver and how well he is adapting to big brother life. He has been so loving, so caring and watching them both together has made me melt on a daily basis. It's amazing.

What's going on in life just now?
I'm on maternity leave and plan on taking the full year off this time. According to Andy, this is our last baby (I'm still on the fence with that one) so I want to make the most of my time off with both boys and take as long as I can with them. What will happen at the end of my maternity leave is a big question mark but that's something I can consider/worry about nearer the time. For now, I'm just enjoying the time with my boys while building up my channel and doing what I love! 

maisymeowblog maisy meow

And how's Oliver?
He is doing SO well. He's chatting away like a little bird now. He has us in stitches every day and he's totally thriving in his role as a big brother. He's two, so of course there's tantrums every day too but overall, he's perfect. He's super cuddly and I am so happy that I'm getting to be around him all the time at this age - it's such a fun stage to be at and I want to soak up every second of it! 

Anyway, it's almost midnight and I need to get some sleep on the right side of the night feed! 

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