Friday, 31 May 2019
Nappy Rash

When Oliver was first born, it was all new to me. Every task I did was a 'first' and a lesson to be learned. I remember feeling so out of my depth with every aspect of being a first time mum but as time went on and I gained some experience, it all got easier. Two years later, my second baby boy Marcus was born and it's been so different this time. Having that bit of experience and the confidence that comes with it has really helped me this time around. 

There's a lot of things I'm doing differently this time around based on lessons learned from my first baby. Oliver had nappy rash on a few occasions as a baby. Sometimes it would be connected to weaning, sometimes it was just the nappy rubbing his skin - whatever the reason, it doesn't make it any easier. As his mum, I remember feeling so guilty when nappy rash was bothering him and I'd religiously apply nappy cream to the area until it healed. I was always treating the problem, rather than protecting against it. 

Nappy Rash

Second time around, with some experience and knowledge behind me, I'm taking steps to actively protect Marcus against the causes of nappy rash. Babies' skin is really vulnerable. It's 40% thinner than an adults, so it's a lot more sensitive to any irritants that come into contact with it. With a tight nappy and no air circulating, it's clear how nappy rash can start. Nappy rash affects 1 in 3 babies at some point, so it makes sense to do all we can to protect their skin. I'm applying Bepanthen ointment to Marcus during every nappy change to protect his skin against the causes of nappy rash. 

Bepanthen is more than just a barrier ointment, it contains Pro-vitamin B5 which supports the natural recovery of the skin. The ointment forms a protective layer between your baby's skin and their nappy, protecting it from the harmful irritants found in their nappies! It's free from fragrances, colours, preservatives and antiseptics and it's so gentle it can be used straight from birth, even on premature babies. 

Nappy Rash

Applying Bepanthen is a part of our nappy changing routine now and it does give me some relief knowing I'm doing everything I can to protect him from things that could give him nappy rash. As a mum of two, every little helps and keeping nappy rash at bay is another thing ticked off my to do list!

What's your experience been like with nappy rash? What steps do you take to protect against it?

For more information on protecting your baby’s gentle skin from the causes of nappy rash, visit  

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